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  • In order to respect current social distancing protocols, it will not be possible for parents to sit in the stands or around the field. There will be no exceptions. Parents will be expected to wait in their vehicles and will be alerted when practice is over.
  • These measures would include: * Players and coaches wearing masks * No sharing/team water bottles * Players arrive and leave the field fully dressed with helmets on
  • In order to respect current social distancing rules it will be necessary to reduce the number of teams using the field at the same time. Since field availability is limited, this will necessitate exploring alternative practice formats. One possible solution is the use of an online platform such as Zoom where coaches would be able to discuss plays, formations and strategies with players thereby reducing the need for on-field sessions.
  • In order to get in a full season of eight (8) games and playoffs, it may be necessary to play more than one game in a week. Because of Football Canada mandated minimum times between games, this would require weeknight games.
  • In order to accommodate a possible later start to the season to allow for teams to properly prepare, it is possible the season will be extended later into November when weather can be much colder and wetter than in October.
  • In order to respect social distancing and other protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our normal equipment handout procedure will not be feasible. For this reason we will be assigning each player a specific day/time to pickup equipment. Due to the number of players to accommodate, no changes will be allowed.